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Accessibility and Accommodations Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/Accessibility-and-Accommodations-Training-Module.pptx
This Smarter Balanced module outlines the universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations available for the online assessments, as described on the Smarter Balanced website.
AVA Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/AVA-Training_2020-2021.pptx
This module explains how to navigate the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA). It provides an overview of log into the system, select a test, and the layout of the test.
CRS Training Module: Navigating Reports /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/CRS_Training_1_2020-2021.pptx
This module focuses on navigating the test results pages to display data, using the settings and filters to customize your reports, and generating ISRs and student data files. 
CRS Training Module: Working with Interim Tests /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/CRS_Training_2_2020-2021.pptx
This module focuses on working with interim test items, rubrics, and scoring essentials, and printing and exporting your reports. 
Embedded Universal Tools and Online Features /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/Embedded-Universal-Tools-and-Online-Features.pptx
This Smarter Balanced module provides an overview of the Embedded Universal Tools available to students when using the Test Delivery System (TDS) for the online Smarter Balanced Assessment.
Student Interface Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/StudentInterfaceTraining_DE_2020-2021.pptx
This module provides information for how students log in and navigate the student testing system, including information on layout and functionality of the test tools.
TA Interface Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/TA-Interface-Module_2020-2021.pptx
This module presents an overview on how to navigate the Test Administrator (TA) Interface. It is intended for educators who will be administering tests in the Online Testing System, and can be used as a training tool and resource for review of the system. 
Technology Requirements for Online Testing Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/TechnologyTraining_DE_2020-2021.pptx
This module provides information on the technology requirements needed for the online testing.  
TIDE Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/TIDETraining_DE_20-21_v3.pptx
This module provides an overview of the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). It includes information on logging in to TIDE, managing student information and test settings, managing user accounts, rosters, and monitoring test progress.
What is a CAT? /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/What-is-a-CAT-Module-FINALnarrated_01.11.151.pptx
This Smarter Balanced module introduces test administrators and students to the concept of a Computer Adaptive Test, or CAT.