CRS Mini-Modules Training Series
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CRS Mini-Modules Training Series

Jan 26, 2022

This training series is comprised of 12 mini-modules providing guidance on how to navigate the Centralized Reporting System and perform critical tasks to view interim and summative score data. 

The following topics are covered within this series: 

1. How to Navigate the Dashboard and Access Your Summative Results

2. How to Understand Measures for Standards and Writing Dimensions

3. How to Understand a Demographic Breakdown Report and a Student Portfolio Report

4. How to Drill Down into Your Results by Selecting Specific Tests & Classes

5. How to Drill Down into Your Results by Selecting Previous School Years & Previous Students

6. How to Track Student Performance Over Time Using the Longitudinal Report

7. How to Print Individual Student Reports (ISR) and Student Data Files

8. How to Print and Export Data You Can See in Your Reports

9. How to Use the Roster Manager to Add, Modify, and Upload Rosters

10. How to Analyze a Basic Interim Test Report

11. How to Use the Advanced Features of Reporting to View Interim Data

12. How to Hand-Score Unscored Items and Modify Machine Scores

  • Test Administrators
  • After Testing
  • Test Results
  • Reporting